Come and See Our Chiropractic Doctor Near Rowville to Treat Your Whiplash

Whiplash is generally recognised as an injury to the neck caused by the sudden movement or extension of the neck. A rear impact automobile accident is a typical cause. The pain and discomfort from whiplash may resolve themselves in a few weeks or may become chronic and more severe. Whiplash may lead to joint dysfunction, whereby one of the joints in the spine may be compromised causing pain or a limited range of motion.

Whiplash can also cause a disk herniation, which involves a tear or change in shape to the disk. This results in pressure on nerves or the spine often causing a shooting pain or numbness in the arms or hands.

Our chiropractic doctor in Rowville have experience in evaluating patients with whiplash. We will conduct an initial consultation and evaluation to determine if your pain or discomfort is the result of whiplash. If you do suffer from whiplash, our chiropractic doctor in Rowville will then come up with a comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan to address the issue. There will likely be a series of treatments that will build upon each other, to provide relief of your pain, discomfort and lack of range of motion. The goal is to eliminate the symptoms of whiplash without the necessity of drugs or surgery. Instead, we will rely on chiropractic manipulation of the spine and joints to provide a more natural relief.

The chiropractic treatment may also include a massage at our office near Rowville. Often, this complementary approach to your issues provides enhanced results.