Allow a Chiropractor in Clayton to Help You Counter Neck Pain

It’s a series of pops. You twist your neck, trying to alleviate the tension, wanting to loosen the tender joints. The cracking of your bones, however, offers no reward – instead leaving you frustrated.

That frustration may soon turn to something far more unfortunate. According to a study from BioMed Central, neck issues are common among the global population, affecting 67% of men, women, and teens. This number is high – and our chiropractors in Clayton aren’t surprised. The same study revealed a staggering list of potential pain causes, including:

  • Prolonged Sitting and Neck Flexion
  • Poor Posture
  • Exposure to Repetitive, Taxing Movements
  • Stress and Anxiety

With Australia’s market demanding constant effort (and constant labour) from employees, our chiropractors in Clayton have witnessed a sharp rise in neck-related incidents – with an overwhelmed workforce struggling to keep pace with both the physical and mental demands of their jobs. This creates tension in the body, leaving it susceptible to misalignments, torn muscles, and even joint damage.

Allow us to help you to correct these issues. The Pain Relief and Wellness Centre offers a variety of options, helping individuals overcome the effects of neck pain. We tailor every visit to the needs of our customers – identifying the most efficient methods and offering strategies and advice to reduce symptoms at home or the office. Through this, we seek to enhance the quality of each day.

To learn more, schedule a consultation with a chiropractor in Clayton. Contact us via our online form.