dr-emma-zhang-xinyuan-imgAbout Dr. Emma Zhang Xinyuan

Dr. Emma Zhang Xinyuan completed her Bachelor of health science (chiropractic) and Masters of clinical chiropractic at RMIT University.

Dr Emma has a passion for family care and rehabilitation. She practices a variety of techniques, which include, Diversified technique, Drop piece, Activator technique, Dry needling and Rocktape to variety age groups. She practices gentle and holistic chiropractic care, and aims to optimize each patient’s health potential. She is very keen to join our team and meet all of you beautiful patients.

“Being a massage therapist for 5 years while I was in university, I gained extensive experience from my work, however, I was frustrated at not getting all the results I know where possible with my patients. I want to help my patient with the knowledge that I learned from chiropractic course achieve their health on another level.  As a chiropractor I am here to help patient getting the spine working better and interfere in the pressure acting on nerves. Because I believe that if the spine is allowed to function well, this can help the body to reach optimal health and express its full potential.