“Doc, Your Going To Crack Me, Are You?”

By April 14, 2015 Pain, Posture, Wellness

Our Chiropractors, still surprised to see some people are afraid of getting treated with  chiropractic because they think there is a chance of bones being broken or some other bodily harm. Or even hear how another doctor says not to get  chiropractic because it’s dangerous.

Chiropractic is one of the safest treatments out there. Let’s say someone has an ache in the back. They go to the medicine cabinet and take a pill. Well that medicine doesn’t just go right to the area in pain but goes everywhere in the body. It’s like using an atomic bomb to a whole town to get rid of mice in one house.

The  chiropractic adjustments do are a safe and gentle way to stop a problem or a pain without having to drop that “atomic bomb”, and maybe cause more problems than we started with.

To learn more about our safe, gentle, chiropractic treatments, speak with Contact us now to learn about all of our chiropractic services.

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