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Numbness/Pain in Arms

When you feel pain or numbness in your arms, then there is no doubt that you are having a hard time doing simple things such as brushing your teeth and lifting some objects. This kind of problem can seriously become a hindrance to your everyday activities. Some of the possible causes for this are arthritis, tendonitis, constant overuse, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chiropractic treatment along with a few modifications in your lifestyle can be an effective way to correct the causes of your numbness or pain.

Importance of Arms in Everyday Life

Together with our hands, we use our arms for many things. So when numbness or pain occurs in these useful body parts, it can be a serious problem. It can also be frustrating to know that a part of our body has become useless although it should be.

The arms and hands are designed to perform a range of tasks in various positions. There are 30 bones, more than 40 muscles, and 14 major nerves in our arm, and many different bones, muscles and ligaments in our hand that makes these body parts more diligent, dexterous and adaptable than any tool a man can emulate.

Causes of Numbness or Pain

Arthritis, silent injuries (such as bone fractures, ligament tears, and joint strains), prolonged use, incorrect posture, neck pain, heart problems, nerve problems, spine problems, other diseases (such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and cancer), and carpal tunnel syndrome are among the list of causes of numbness or pain in the arms or hands. To be able to treat the pain or numbness of the arm or hand, the actual cause of the problem must be determined.

Patients with numbness or pain in their arms or hands are sometimes misdiagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. The misdiagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome only happens if there are no real examinations or tests performed to determine the source of the problem.


Carpal Tunnel Test

The Carpal Tunnel pain that many experience in their hand and wrist can actually be a combination of nerve problems in the wrist, elbow and spinal nerves in the lower neck and shoulder.

Complete these 2 simple tests:

Phalens Manuever

Phalen’s Maneuver

Test 1 – Phalen’s Maneuver

The most helpful test for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is Phalen’s Maneuver.

Firmly hold the backs of your hands together with your fingers pointing down, while keeping your arms parallel to the floor. If within a minute, you experience numbness, tingling, pain or a combination, you likely have nerve involvement.

Call The Keysborough Clinic to schedule a more thorough examination.


Tinel's Sign

Tinel’s Sign –

Test 2 – Tinel’s sign

Another test is Tinel’s sign.

Use your finger to repeatedly tap the volar carpal ligament, the ligament just under the skin in the center of your wrist. If the tapping elicits numbness, tingling or pain, then you may well have carpal tunnel syndrome. Often, chiropractic care can be very helpful in resolving this type of problem. Call The Keysborough Clinic to schedule a thorough examination.